Blue Shield

Blue Shield offers both HMO and PPO health plans. Each type of plan offers distinct advantages. Read about them below. Call Global Health Insurance Marketing at (866) 839-9584 or apply online. (The application process takes about 20 minutes regardless).

HMO Plans

Advantages of HMO health plans include:

  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses
  • No lifetime maximum
  • Lower office visit co-pays
  • Lower hospital deductibles
  • Virtually no claim forms


PPO health plans

Advantages of HMO health plans include:

  • Freedom to visit preferred or non-preferred doctors and specialists
  • The ability to go to any network specialist without a referral
  • Choice of plans with or without a medical plan deductible
  • When network providers are used, lower out-of-pocket expenses than when non-network providers are used.
  • Ability to establish a Health Savings Account with our Shield Spectrum PPO Savings Plan 2400/4800 and 4000/8000


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