Kaiser Permanente individual and family health insurance plans

You expect a lot from yourself and from your medical insurance plan. At Kaiser Permanente, they offer you a range of individual plans from which to choose, so you can select a plan that's right for you and your family. Contact Global Heath Insurance Marketing for Kaiser insurance information and applications.

Whether you're looking for lower monthly premiums or broad coverage, we will help you find the Kaiser Permanente plan that fits your budget and lifestyle needs.

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of affordable, quality health insurance plans for you and your family. With Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans for individuals and families you can rest easy, knowing you can rely on the benefits that matter most to you:

Quality care

You want health care for you and your family that you can rely on. With Kaiser Permanente, you choose your own primary care doctor, so you have a health care provider who's dedicated to your personal health needs.

Affordable care

It won't cost you an arm and a leg to get the health care you need. You can pick from a range of plans so that you can manage your medical expenses. You decide what price fits your budget.


Convenient care

Kaiser understands you lead a busy life, so you'll appreciate on-site labs, X-ray, and pharmacy services at most facilities. Plus, you can access our health and drug encyclopedias and physician and facility directories, make routine appointments, and refill prescriptions anytime on the member section of our the Kaiser website.

Contact Global Heath Insurance Marketing for Kaiser Insurance information and applications.

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