PacifiCare is dedicated to offering medical plans and products designed to help you stay healthy and receive quality care when you need it. PacifiCare Health Systems, through its subsidiaries, offers a wide range of products and services for employer groups, families and individual members. Plan availability may vary. Click here to apply online and discover more information about plan availability and service areas where each of these products and supplemental benefits are available in your area.

Pacificare SignatureValue®

A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) focuses on the quality of care provided to its members - with prevention and wellness as the key components of that care. Health services are accessed through contracted primary care physicians (PCPs) who know the member's medical history and individual needs; thus a partnership is formed between the member, the provider and the health plan. HMOs offer minimal paperwork and low, predictable out-of-pocket costs. Members pay a small, predetermined copayment each time they receive health care services. more

PacifiCare SignaturePOS® (POS)

A Point of Service (POS) plan offers members greater flexibility and options. POS plans combine the savings of an HMO with the flexibility of a typical indemnity arrangement. If you are looking for affordability, use the in-network option of your benefit plan. If you prefer to see a doctor who is not participating in our network, choose the out-of-network option. more

PacifiCare SignatureOptions® (PPO)

A Preferred Provider Option is a plan which offers an even wider selection of physicians to our members. These participating providers may be primary care doctors or specialists and PPO members are free to see any of them. PPO members may also visit non-contracted providers, but at a higher out-of-pocket cost. PacifiCare SignatureOptions® is available to employer groups of 51 or more employees. more

PacifiCare SignatureIndependence® (Indemnity)

The PacifiCare SignatureIndependence® Plan is a traditional indemnity plan. It gives you the independence to go to any doctor -- including a specialist -- without a referral. more

  • You have the flexibility to see any provider licensed or certified to provide covered benefits.
  • You must meet an annual deductible.
  • You pay your plan's coinsurance cost for all covered services.
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